reading #60

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A.T.E. by Katya Mills



We do not randomly end up a hundred miles an hour wrong way fireballing on the freeway, taking lives along with us to the other side. maybe we got deadnamed or bullied or beaten one too many times. maybe we lived in addictionland. whatever it was, these seemingly random acts are rarely so. someone turned offways long ago.

twice as nice

once upon a cloud
feeling rather proud
all accounts broke even
the children awful


you cracked the piggy open
eyes as wide as coins
the exclamation spoken

des moines

a hundred silver dollars
in bed with porcelain
you lifted up your collar
to hide the widest


each child given two
and told not what to do
one was twice as nice
another not a


what remained then was

in reclamation of
the sky

to turn her

from black
to blue