partly sunny good chance of showers without you

i can say i have been honest with you, but my words sit on the hands of the clock, beside the point. the point is a solitary entry. markedly confident, rather lonely. a circle to itself. a hole in the moon. a vacancy. divided from the rest. full of its own opinion. terminally unique. you cannot know you can trust me, until you know you can trust someone. all the greatest liars in the world would have you believe they are abe lincoln honest. i miss you. it’s partly sunny here. good chance for showers without you.

(you gave me) your word

i said what
you heard
the cat killed
the bird

the sprinklers wave
water wands

cross us
in third

i don’t really know
the thumb
the toe

decidedly situated
at odds
the snow

the bird killed
the cat
now how about

the fingers crossed
toes and the

and the

had to laugh
having heard just one
third of the

you gave me
your word

you said what
i heard now

what good
was that?