packaged pretty with seduction
oversalted with scent and firm hold spray
they was a spy from Saturn. i could tell
by the porous shadow

i invited them 2 tea
through google translate i apologized
4 the condition of the planet and

appeased them with Hollywood
and Bollywood icons


Hollywood Hills

two lane highway

snake in the forest

take us to the sea

take us to Hollywood

to family with blessings

take us 2 the top of the world

to share a smoke

against sorrows

memories of screenplays of

travels and Egyptian swindlers

the red-haired boy

the love of winsome

LA sunsets



the heart finally spoke out

like cinema ina condemned theatre

tape rolling through a bell howell

projector dug from an archive. the heart

finally spoke out the light

cast upon the wall

bringing the past to life for

the heart never dies



the horn section bursting

set up a break against the


the reeds supple 

like fingers 

even the concrete got

to feeling. our feet 

left gooey indents in

the road

a new kinda hollywood 

where everyone’s

a star


reading #82


pay-per-view you

I wonder if some of these power players who are being cast out of Hollywood might end up cast in porn flix to make ends meet or just get off? They could easily relocate to West Hollywood or commute and reinvent themselves. Then anyone too lazy to call an escort could lean back and pay-per-view you.


All the Hollywood icons
all the Bollywood icons
inspire us. they sweep our floors
in black and white

All the grandeur of southern plantations
made to capture the sun

We live on through these times we made
the oceanic minutia
we consecrate
classify in our tomes

Our differences we set aside to study
before bed. chamomile tea with lemon peel.
we fall asleep on them

We all do the same                 in the sun in the
day in and                                      shade
out           after
the same nonsense
iced tea
sugar cane crystals sparkle

Our children ask for help
without having
to ask         they ask us

we live we die
we live again

Life cannot end
when you die
you cannot really
you do not truly

unless you’re just
another asshole

the wrong

fallen. fast

i read the script i
met the cast
they wrote me in
at very last


hookers by Katya

they shot me twice
the stills were nice
it’s Hollywood
i’m fallen. fast