memory #141

smoking after heavy 

drinking. taste the bloody lip


up all night reading pacing writing

heart and mind playing


sprinkler system pushes up

out of the ground at dawn for the back



dead or alive


if you get very still with yourself

and listen closely

the palm of your hand on your chest

your heart will tell you

all you need to know

if you get nothing

call the doctor

you may be dead


galaxy 1

images from space

made all my big problems 

small. now i can do whatever

my heart calls out



give thanks and praise

i like to keep it big and wide open. the heart. let it thump out in front. you risk getting hurt that way. true. but mine’s got that feature, the same one they put on new cars, whereby the engine angles and slides down when struck in a head on collision. even when doing next to absolutely nothin’, i aspire to keep it real. give thanks and praise.  #katyamills


the crows fight the wind for me 

and my burrito in this corazón of cloudy misty sea

far from our valley of perpetual 

sunshine where down moods 

cannot anchor

you asked for a kiss

and i gave


heart out

life is a one way 

ticket outta

town – so – we may as well live

from the heart




the head told you 

you were crazy the heart 

called it out on a lie born 

to live not born to die


tbh #4

to be honest i pressure cooked 
an artichoke i stole from 
your garden. drizzled oil 
with garlic squeezed upon 
the heart i cut out for you

all u ever learn comes to use

some way some



reading #92



Five were the aerial views of the heart. Valves played and polished like horns. Sound bounces off points to show form. An audio track. The history of the world. Ten were the arteries full of light and uncontained. See the narrative of the world bubble up from undersea. Liquid. Seamless. Without end. Fifteen were the compressions. Before and after life. Unstudied. Immeasurable. Wild. Unknown.