swan dive off the cufflinks

I’m afraid my cells are not getting enough oxygen but it would take all day and night to try and care for them all, and I would provide 1:1 cellular counseling if I could and send them out whole again. Needy little invertebrates wanna be loved squishy. Just like anyone. I would but I gotta go shopping for a nice suit, Boss julara wool and some fancy matte black flats will do, so I can hit the highway with confidence for the conference next month, and I better find a hairstyle for once in my life. Disheveled cave girl is getting old. LD running and matcha green tea are the only way to comfort the millions of cells facing suffocation. At least they will go out circular smiling, swan diving off the cufflinks.

what are we in love

culture. dedicated to breakdown and cracked in the teeth. the splinters are our lives and they glint in the sun. stillness is a wonderful thing and makes sense except when you’re dead someone said. you decided on an orgasm and made one while i read. i was on the couch with milk green tea and a book and a little light stirred in at the top. i like to strand the light so i can sit at my desk and write. undefeated by music and outta control. how could you lose religion like that? so easily. i gave it to you and you took it to church. communion was godly. white as a sheet (is unreal) and you turned it. black was outright boring until the inky darkness and the not knowing where the hell we are anymore. worship black and white and renounce all the colors between. culture. dedicated to breakdown and cracked in the teeth. gone for a day without nourishment. the corrupted water still pure at the edge where we kissed. all the particulate matters and lip service gave us substance. stars in the ocean in the sky. tattoos made us endure made us pure. i don’t give a fuck what you say when you don’t know what you’re talking about is only in your head. comprised of particulate thought. just like me you’re unreal. compromised. but i won’t stand behind you like gospel. no. it’s just my slant and i try not to crowd anyone. with stars were the children with stars. the splinters in our lives they glint in the sun. i saw myself in a mirror in the darkness and hadn’t a clue. ┬ámade me me made you you. stillness was a wonderful thing after the noise came, impressed in the froth of a green tea milk sea. i decided on a book and i made one too. i decided on you and you decided on us two. what are we in love.