17 dash

in need of nutrients

having embarked cold and thirsty upon the land

with a curious beating heart she

dislodged her diary and misted its pages

with secret emotions sketching

rough thoughts and plans

then. full of rebellion

dashed them


olympia reverb

we got off the sleater-kinney avenue
exit my friend joking would you
sleep with a riot girl?

if i could sleep with a concept i probably would
does that sound desperate?

outside a veteran on an insult parade
badgered a dope fiend using a wheelchair
ready to kill rock stars


Reading #191


reading #172

A.T.E. by Katya Mills

reading #140



excerpt #18 from my new novel, Ame and the Tangy Energetic, available on Amazon.com now! (sorry my cats purr in the background)

let us walk

religion was boy or girl and binary

this way or that. nothing in between

i was tomboy. i had a spirit

they wanted to catch it in butterfly nets

jar and jam

you were hard and wonderful

not like other girls

let’s go get lost together

and we did

kiss the smoking girl

you think faster than you write and can your memory keep (you) up, when the days fall off like calendar paper painted numerics in a spotted corner where a pay phone once connected the disconnected? relegate your dreams to a political sideshow. the overthrow of nickels by dimes and half dollars in a strip club awaits. she leaves you drunk and singing. your oldsmobile won’t start up in the cold. you don’t care. shove your hands in your overcoat and walk off. watch your breath. smells like midwest. something different the day has for you. bread factory. maybe a motel room. cartoons. a new friend as tore up as you are. laughing against a socieconomic slider. anything but a tow truck and another bill to sign. buy a pint of whisky. postpone the inevitable. kiss the smoking girl.

girl on bike with cig

death knell

smoke spell
church bell
she don’t give a damn


GWB 2.2.1 a videobook