drafting the steam (remix)

out from within
i am burning
a reverse
shot of gin

i patch nightmares
through clothes
mending sorry

lost souls

i am incendiary

a solar flare 

cannot handle 

with care

from samsara
i dream to awaken 

from thanatos 

to you holding me 


i am the steam drafting

though lifeĀ 

i do love


3.3.4 gin

three. three. four. gin

I thought about you after I met you and we played cards and I thought, wow, you are a really good person, you are someone special, and I remember putting my cards down, three three four and declaring GIN on you. And you were happy for me, you didn’t need to win at all, and that was lovely for both of us. Then when I saw you again you could bend your knee a little bit more, and you said someone bought you breakfast because they saw you had no money, and then someone else gave you money for smokes but not enough for a pack, and you were able to talk the corner store clerk down for one, and you’ve had it for three days and haven’t even finished it yet. And I was happy to see good things happening to a good person, and that you’ve been able to cut back on smoking, too, cuz it’s bad for your health. I told you how I thought about you and how you’re special, and I wish that your life gets better and everything turns out well for you and you can walk again, and that you are able to open that orphanage someday somewhere like you wanted.

Drafting the steam (4-4-4-6-6 time)

I am burning
Out from within
a reverse
shot of gin

I am incendiary
a solar flare
I am flammable
Handle with care

I’m burning
a sorry lost soul
Patching nightmares
Through my clothes

Though I love my life
I dream to awaken
from thanatos
To you
holding me

Until god
My dream?
Catch me burning

By Katya
in 4-4-4-6-6 time, 2013