she left the city swollen
sometimes with her way of certain

self-righteous. inflammatory
happenings surrounded her

creating a greater family

wherever she go refuse to be


predating the baby boomers’

babies on
the evolutionary timeline. USA

attention: not to mention
she considered herself the luckiest
one alive

we gen x

we gen x in the shadow
of the boom

we subjected to vietnam era
rerun documentary
our own stories gunned
down with jfk

they got so worried
during the second war
they waited for victory
to procreate

the grandparents
in shell shock reverie
we gen x in the shadow
of the boom

we eat astronaut ice
cream and toy with the key
hung off the neck
by a string

mtv lashes out lovely
by light and sound so
we paint the basement walls
all night. under

the influence

bumping our heads
on the deep cut

we gen x
in the shadow of the boom
our thumbs blistered
by joysticks inside the impossible

hidden in the slant
of the attic and papered