I will bring some classical music to the backyard. There are roses bold enough to cross the chain link where the grass meets the alleyway, and yes, I have seen them stop there, stumbling drunk down the alleys in the middle of the night, clothes torn, not knowin where they’re going. The aimless ones are beautiful to me. They have the courage to live today without any direction, the courage to go wherever the streets and alleyways take them. The roses are bold and red. Dark like blood. They cross the chain link and into danger. They are beautiful to me. The sun pulled them out and into themselves, the sun moved them, the aimless ones… the roses.

what 4 waiting

this orange flower 

was all green all

closed up


just another bud

all night long

waiting on the sun


cold and frozen like

she forgot about her

true self her real

beauty her



what 4 waiting

we might have forgotten her, too

and the sun, too



what 4?


she opened

her heart her

true self

sun kissed orange

to the world