the sky was a peach at sunset and fire at dawn and we ate lemon ice and prayed that the city’s electrical grid would hold up. the number of homeless had risen and not all could not be housed. caring citizens were combining forces and giving away tents on the weekend. others were cold complaining to cops and assemblymen: get these sorry-ass derelicts off of my street!

the legend of captive 8

captive 8
did not hesitate
they made it out
the words
on dying
breath persist
i am free
captive 9
may never know
the old great feel
of earth
   and pine
         and snow
of trees and moon
long shadows
a foot of snow
held their imprint
so long
home they went
beloved captive 8
due north
for what
a life was
captive 9
had heard
the shot
all hope
as well
that night
behind the downy
they cried the memory
of one
who shared
the singular dream
locking doors
and prison whores
‘neath the cold
all they ever
knew was all
they ever

3 books (free audiovisuals)

three books. audiovisual

Good news! All three of my published books are now available on my youtube channel — Katya Mills — in audiovisual format. You can watch or listen to me reading them as sequential playlists in 5 minute increments. If you enjoy my work, you can find them all in paperback and ebook formats on and other e-booksellers. I am an independent author with profiles on both Amazon and Goodreads, and a Facebook page. Thank you for your support!

Grand Theft Life
Girl Without Borders

indie author katya mills 2017


The air was popping and crackling and exploding all around us, and as the sun set i listened to independence day sing her song, sizzling and whistling and screaming into darkness, and the chaos of my mind went dead finally, in the midst of this busy life, and i became a small yet meaningful voice among millions, no, billions of inflections wishing to be heard. And small yet meaningful was all i ever was and cared to be.