kick no. forty and one

sometimes life demanded a kick in the teeth

anything to see you 

smile   #katyamills


we showed our teeth to

a cold cold morning we

refused to give



+ a flash +

they are falling in love
they are working
they are raising the children
from south carolina
to china
the sun looks the same
the moon looks the same
from hong kong to warsaw
they worship the same gods
under different names
drink the same wine
the stars appear
no different
only the moment makes
the diverse feelings arise and fall
beneath the diverse flags
we come and go like
the wind

only prayer

only prayer draws me up from this lacking, this demoralization. this devastation. only prayer can restore me and my faith in these times.


like the days we march on. november. i have an affinity for you. your cooling trend. the killing off of worst of summer. i become pensive and add layers. indoors i go quiet. wrapped in blankets reading books. though autumn is the end, i see renewal in thoughts and feeling states. even love, lost in the humidity, pounded out of stereos, is attainable once again.


comes a time when each passing moment is so unlike the one before and after it, i wonder how i am awestruck by a thousand years of human progress. more was accomplished in the time it took to compose.


fall rises in the system

hot coffee becomes special



we need each other more

to keep warm


we could taste
the millennium on
our collective
back in ’99
i was twenty-six
preferred the written word
to fists

instant high

the sun rose red
in an ashen sky
my failing was fast food
and an instant

8 three

i am constituted of methods mistaken for madness by those who believe so strongly in ideas they have fixed to a chain in the backyard. we are not made up of thoughts of us. they can cuss you out to kingdom come. cursing’s what they made of. go and live your life. I am constituted of good will and fire in the belly for a creative compelling outcome, manufacturing something rare of high quality…


hopefully worthwhile.


-kwm. 2018