they worked with chemicals 

and film 

swallowed several shots 

before work toward


extrication of light

from darkness


hopelessly devoted to

the process


getting real

semiconsciously you recreate

painful incidents of the

past. like an obsession 

then one day you witness your life

it’s like some sappy

forgotten big hollywood 

movie… and decide to get real


bad reel

some introductions fizzle

from the start like a film with award winning acting cinematography and stunts

a musical score to die for  

yet the screenplay shallow piss

poor. a non event a bad



urban dictionary. constitution

made an urban dictionary out of our constitution

When you came into my life I was shooting pool, and neither were the other kids in school. There was a break and all the balls started rolling, and who could be prepared for a world administered by twitter feed, half-mad on fast food fry-batter, running down an uphill battle? The recycled oil had turned, the battery gone dead. A postmortem analysis found the conditions out of which the nightmare came to steam. All the way in the back of the tired rolodex of eighties-punctured index cards, we located the moment butter got sideswiped by Country Crock. Even the name gave it away! Yet we accepted the substitute and without any hardcore/softcore vetting. Consider us fucked right there.

Dare I look into these projects you are slumming? Somewhere in each one a person pushed out front, coat-tails blowing up egos in need of personality. Altruism was suddenly a four-letter word like media and Muslim. You made an urban dictionary out of the constitution. Wannabe celebrities still slinging their ghostwritten books, to get a stab at some easy cash before the crap inside all the margins falls out of consciousness and to your cutting room floor… now ankle deep in film, archaic, in a dark corner of ill-literatures.


Here we find a thorough & recent review of my work:

star wars selfie

katya selfie star wars
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k by k self
star wars katya
katya by katya
star wars k by k
k by k selfie starwars
k by k starwars
starwars selfie


I like developing black and white film. I learned when I was a kid. I thought life was essentially over just because my body grew up like a weed

Life as a little tyke
hiding in cabinets
essentially was over

Too much light can cause
overexposure. Then people
are killed with kindness

I killed spiders because they scared me for a long time. Then I came to enjoy their artwork in corners of doorways

Most of the moths and mosquitos that would put holes in my clothes and me, and you, never crossed that threshold

I came to believe in spiders.
My mind grew into my body.
I liked the orange darkness of the darkroom, and the whole damn ritual developing

The whole damn ritual

Too much light is


Life is essentially over
and then it begins
at the end

Life is

I came to believe

in spiders