shadow and shade

the wishing well was full with well wishing

when it was sincere

the tallest trees leaned over us

the record spinning

throwing shade upon

the fear



the collie lunged at me 

she barely kept it back by the leash

my heartbeat quickened

i ran 5 miles for a personal

best. thank you fear


the relatively unknown

at home

facing the faces of holiday cheer 

the relatively unknown 

dress and dial down fear 

with hopes

4 a fearless new year


august 1

an oversupply of fear and angst 

crawlin these streets…

came with the gift of life

i used 2 shake em off belly up @ the bar

now its heave ho @ the landfill  


after life

before life

they found refuge in film and music and books

withdrawn from the world



when they awoke

living became the premier




the antidote to fear




i am a mental health first responder
ina public health crisis

i am
hiding my anxiety behind
a facade. no. i am transparent with you
i want you to see you are not
alone in your stress your worry
your fear and anxiety

let us put it out there where we can
see it. address it. change it. not allow
it to run us or run us over

take a train to nowhere

a tidal wave of fear
i don’t have the energy for it
i watched you

carried away

i could not save you so i

ate a banana
went for a walk

listened to the wind

rattle around the heads of palm
and took a train

to nowhere


you can get all the rest you want but you still need to find your rhythm in the world. if you lost yours, it can be a real bitch to get it back. you may need to stab your fears in the heart with a dagger and bleed out the yellow poison. then do those things that scare you, inject yourself back into the bloodstream and let go. feed your faith and starve your fear to death. i promise you an adventure like no other!

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