eye of ian

in the eye of a hurricane 

where all is eerily calm and tenuous

all the linens blown off the line

and nothin is the same as was

it is here gazing up at the impossible blue

of the impossible sky

one can dream


may you

may you see depression

before it sees you


the black of the eye

does not stop

the eye from seeing


find your light and

go there while you can


bathe in it

expand it

let others freely



depression cannot stand




I forgot everything so I could remember. I forgot the world forgot what happened forgot my name just forgot. The dreams pushed my eyes across the oily undersides of my lids, the eye movement was rapid, the nightmares were vapid. No one could hurt me anymore and neither could I neither could I neither could I.


one day
when words
are no longer in fashion
i will reach out
to you
in an illicit crossing
of eyelashes