the sky was a peach at sunset and fire at dawn and we ate lemon ice and prayed that the city’s electrical grid would hold up. the number of homeless had risen and not all could not be housed. caring citizens were combining forces and giving away tents on the weekend. others were cold complaining to cops and assemblymen:¬†get these sorry-ass derelicts off of my street!

i wanna be electric

i got my ticket to chino in the outskirts of la trying to hit the grid and be captured by the cable i wanna be electric and extended stay america ina pocket just between the riveting room for you and me… a queen bed in a salt valley flat in the middle of november a room service setup so not to disturb alone in the center of a spiderweb of circuitry flashing mad in the pan like a siamese fighting fish all the betta to see you translucent of the soft sheets you ink on

zombie girl with fish in her hair


The zombie girl

Was there

Zombie girl

so green and fair


Two dimensional Fish

Floating in her hair

Big almond eyes


She saw you

She said

She saw you

Hold down

Her head


In the river



Zombie girl gonna


You better

Run fast


She will be waiting



To distribute


Her hallowed