the moon was super

the moon is super

My dreams were full of life, i found myself resting when i got out of bed. i coulda done nothing and felt accomplished, i mean, much had happened in a few minutes of dreaming. i put on the radio and the drip on the coffee grounds. i brushed my hair then combed it. my medallion was hanging off of the bathroom light fixture, so i took it and dropped it over my head. it was warm on my neck from the heat of the bulb on the glass of the light fixture into the metal of the chain. in my sandals half-awake i sliced my toe on an old chest i am using for a coffee table. i watched the blood drip over my toe it was tomato red and made me feel good and healthy. i cleaned my toe and wrapped a bandaid around it, then fed and encouraged my tomcat out back. looking up i saw the brilliance of the almost full harvest moon. turn off your porch light. you won’t need it tonight.

blood moon. 15

all the sunsets

of our world

upon our moon

dye around the edges

our blood

to a friend just hours b4 a frost moon eclipse



Hey. You are golden. 2 me, you are silver clear like aero transparency. My heart reaches out 4 some place where we connect. Miss you. MissUs. Miss you &me, boo. Found clarity. water purifying vision. No windex. No chemical could substitute. Cannot be bottled, cut or bricked up. For real. You are my friend. my brother. my crosstop sodapop panic button broke no stoppin!. The dont know up from down cause sometime we fuck up. sharpen stones 2 knives. Inbetween the division of our lives. Cross the culture of our tribes…Inspired at our best. Desire, desire. Laugh til we cry. Look into my eye. See? in under four hours we get the full lunar eclipse, the Frost Moon. opening for the headliner. The tradewind wash over oakland, her so many homicides– this rain, she falls 4 peace. Hit tongues of kids out playing, residual taste of acid maybe. so what? its urban, this life, above &beyond suburban, west2east dyslexic fuckin trip to say the least..peace. ~ Katya

its ok its okay its ok

Sure its friday. I heard kelp will deter radioactivity with innate iodine. And stay away from the Spanish cucumbers. No! strike that from the record. Move closer in on Spanish cucumbers. Feeling a bit unnerved i am, or tight with some anxiety. Three eclipses this month. And Saturn comes direct after 5 months retrograde. If it means nothing to you, just think how the words tasted to your tongue and you will know. In visceral fashion. Then back to importing if not exporting goods through amazon ebay clist or other free service site.

I wonder how long the internet will be freeware to the gills. I hope it lasts forever, but some part of me knows it certainly will not. I think its when i urinate i can best focus on what drives that understanding. Can i be more vague? Hardly. But i must attempt to escape judgment. I express a liberal sort of expression, but in many ways i am conservative. Right? Left? I strive for balance. They bet on me on the continuum scale. Will i lean right? or left? or will i collect some misdemeanors in the middle, and then go straight to jail?

My credit card has a triple digit balance. See there i am being conservative. Its atleast triple digits, maybe more. And its never as good as my word, my credit. Which is why I rarely sit next to her on the subway. Shes a bit of an embarrasment. Cause she got extended so far she’s absurd! No. I know. Nothing you never heard.

What to do about it, really? Puts my knots in sheets, my sheets in knots, wants me casting homemade rope over castle walls. The castle walls of being white, maybe, protection to the point of social isolation. Walls are walls, anyway you look at them. I’m left in water cold, half-naked…. destination Falls. On some american kinda idolizing, yes. In the wake of the next fuckin’ big or lil e, tall skinny heavy or smalls. I guess.

Self-medicate it any way you wanna. Have the nuclear fallout extraction kelp. With flora. Or fauna. Come into the jetstream if you like to time travel. Or just get far from outside Tokyo or even inside, where politicians now converge on the prime minister rib. Who were really polite dinner guests, just lost their politesse.

His may be vulture appeal, the prime minister of Japan. Yet that half smile still roots out from the corners of his mouth, when he walks out of the parliamentary nest feeling sad… or just angry?

i could not say… I cannot.
the same feelings im up against in my life.
In my life, like every day.

Its ok
its ok its okay.