one two four. across from the liquor store

we had much to discuss

across from the liquor store

friday night

gay icons

boba milk tea

lotto tickets

yellow curry


watching the drunks

in the shadow of the


king of winchester

he was drunk again

waving it around like the King of Winchester

i made a dash to the fire 

while he fixed himself a vodka tonic

closed the flue and 

smoked him



dys.mantle it

they pick your bones

because they can and 

you’re supposed to take it

capitalism says so

you haven’t figured how

to dismantle that so you get drunk and sad

turning your anger

inward   #katyamills


the sunflowers drink like you drink

she said filling up the vase

again. she rearranged them so they heads

looked all around the room

missing nothing



some beet faced drunk knocked

produce off the stand

dodging shadows stepped 

on garlic cloves 

the masks had just come off

that sound

the flesh breaking under 

paper skins

you paid me a compliment

 i – i wasnt sure i 

could take it    #katyamills


you tore into us

drunk again

one of your moods 



i tried to make 

myself small i

stood out like a cherry

on a sea of whipped 



NOVEMBER 22. 1997

playing crazy eights listening to music

talking trash fighting getting high

twentysomethings in the late 1900s

spilling drinks spilling consciousness

on the dance floors of YBOR CITY

a blackout drinker in those days i

would lose my credit card and eventually

my wallet my shoes and my keys

my sanity. early hours of the morning

nothing but my clothes and my high on

and a couple phone numbers of friends

in my head.


#katyamills. remix’97

fall the fields

fall the fields arid
the vineyards patched out
from the sky

we worry the wind
we worry the skin of earth
and tree. shed out
and sprawling free

end of night

i follow the arc of the tip
of your cig.

you damned drunk!
and quietly stamp out
the berry