drowning of sorrows

i am grateful you take care and look out for one another. of course like you said i am the same spirit never changed and i remember trying to tell you that but no one wanted to believe me not back then. of course i had a drug problem so why would they. i’m just happy i found new life and you and i are able to have a friendship. we won’t agree but still love one another. i’m proud of X for all his successes and keeping the family going into future generations. success can look different. for me it’s not wealth or kids it’s just who i am based on what i’ve been through. i have a man in my life who loves me two cats and several books to my name. i’m proud of you and Z and X, i will never have those victories but god wanted it this way, god brought me where i can see and make a difference in other people’s lives. where i can be home after many years of hopeless self-destruction and drowning of sorrows. i am grateful. K