frying eggs on your solar panel. over easy, lighten up. downtown.

Creative writing from the website of independent author Katya Mills

Very 2009 of her! reductio carbon footprint. cheerled the new USAdministration. sent to the wax museum her (former) self-medicated depression. Shes got plastic and owes a couple of Gs. so what? she pays her taxes and rolls the finest trees. rockin hella retro sweatbands, she does. and not just for show, dont you know. wipes her brow as she walks high and low, in and out, everywhere she walks without a doubt. but not down the dead end redbull and vodka road. her home is not the home of the so not pertinent anymore (though its everybodys sometimes, her compassion confides). no! Today 2009, she represents with the special twist. Not to be dismissed as some ready-to-wear stamped kiss. pret-a-utiliser! She works it, she is it! check her hella fine ass in yoga (no pilates), on the bus, at work, at play, hot sex, cannot misfire her miss retro action! calculating tips outside the Tip Calculator Faction. She real not just Fiction. Shes honest not reaction.

She is retro eighties unrefiner. a distant nod to fashion, (too close like heroin chic will kill the passion). she plays it for show. metropcs she prefers to iphoners-in-tow. Rock Steady imperfectionism, she becomes. Her stomach prefers colored discs of old school Tums. Real sugar to corn syrup. Shes granular not sappy. Not sad when she’s happy. Her antennae pick up signals for her, tellin her all those things on demand. She recoils at material, shouts leave me! suck sand! The finale tapped out by her friend the one girl band. She is for liberation of rental space in her mind. (Multitasking is afterall the daily grind). she has the T9 text system (hush hush!) in her arsenal. Patches in your chronic back pain with fentanyl (diverts the pain, unless its hers to own). She gets her fill. She can be a mess. hardly ever wears a dress. Trips up the sliding skechers, who slide down pill hill.

And voila! here she is! with a glimmer of sweat. taking your matte finish to glossy (no extra charge). Her ego, just right, not too small or too large. Today shes in motion. The episode in her closet (walk in type, full length mirror, window…jealous much?) was to master her new lash blaster* (*props to covergirl) from the chain pharmacy checkout girl (namtag Esther). She gives credit where due. Her favorite color Royal Blue. After she mastered lashblaster, she felt hunger. She met her friend in interspatialicious. He ordered her up something pre-delicious: the basic 2 egg (over med), 2 hb, 2 sp (sausage patty), e.m. (angelican muffin, a religious experience) and oj. she thought well to think ahead to meet him interspatially. The plan had been physical, but slow and lethargic. Not like online where all was a quickness. By pre-ordering so, she made up for phsyical. So he might wait less long, her mission was critical. Thanks given to her blood flow (cerebral), courtesy of tourniquet: tension of thought became (level), via blue postal service knit.( Meaning: her hat made her think clearly).

This hat she procured from a mom and pop army navy store (was in mentioniables). So dont get her twisted a chain lover. That’s pre-2008: meaning insentienable. She was orthodox ‘being past that’, and her faith was ‘alot’. – K