dub the nights away

The only news i’m gonna read anymore is about books. i will read books and write books and read about books read and written. i will also be happy to read about unwritten (and therefore unread) books and books remembered that once were forgone or forgotten. ┬ábanned books will be a priority. translated books will be fine though i will prefer the native tongue. i may even learn another language if it helps. i will hashtag books in search queries all over the dam place. i was once an english major and truthfully got sick of reading books and books about books. most of them were novels. and i even stopped reading them though i never stopped writing them. i went into the dark room and redeveloped a fondness for paper and letters, alighted by fixer and tongs. the chemical baths in the house woulda made an ordinary old maid very sick. but this strange one (i call me) saw words appear out of letters in the shallows of the print trays in the shadowless red light district of my kitchen. digital was a four letter word in my house and if you spoke of oneupmanship in megapixel cameras on mobile phones, you would find your throat cut and the crime scene captured on old minoltas. we were in love all over again. we had books and manual inautomatons. we had tinfoil on the windows. the smell of formaldehyde and the spinning of drying prints in the hamster wheel (minus hamster). we locked ourselves in closets with one finger on a tape lead to a cartridge like a silver rubix cube with a hard on for mysterious. our lexicon was unadulterated by robots. ink from an inkwell was in fashion. we got the led out on old boxes with long silver antennae. newspaper print sullied our clothes. the speakers splashed by many a paint project outdoors and dual tape decks whereby we would sip new coke outta crazy straws and dub the nights away.

writing. process

I have had the opportunity this month to take a look at what techniques I invent, organically, to reach the wordcounts demanded by the national novel writing month contest, and wanted to share…

When unable to write, i have found a power nap to rejuvenate my hopes and reset my thought processes.

Half hour walks are the best way to generate ideas, and cycling the trail recharges my energy and self-confidence.

Complete silence or electronica music (minimal vocals) is the most sustainable audio. Tycho’s trance-like sound is one I respond to well.

I am less of a planner, more of an adventurer, setting out without a clear destination. This means I often feel lost. I counterbalance this feeling, by imprinting new characters and new experiences, with firm recollections of my own experiences.

I always write in the same room. Any time of the day. I switch from the couch to the desk. A book of affirmations is always on my desk, in the event I feel discouraged.

Posture is important. Fresh air. Yoga helps. Natural light. Swing arm lamps are my favorite, when writing at night. Television kills any chance of writing.

For long works, I always break it down into short chapters. This is key! My chapters usually run 700 – 1500 words.

I use the device with the best keyboard experience. In my case, the Samsung Chromebook.

I keep ‘running notes’ with a few open-ended questions and possibilities for plot development. And I track character development. I often read passages aloud, to hear the story.

One large mug of coffee, followed by copious amounts of tea, works far better than a coffee IV drip!