standby to detroit ¿?

Who would go standby on an afternoon flight, from Phoenix to Detroit ¿?
Mostly good people, apparently.
I watched them straggle on up to the gate, thankful and relaxed.
One kid was tryin’ to get his baby sister on the plane.
Another two dudes, smiling, said they were gonna go to Vegas, if they didn’t get on.
Another offered to give the flight attendant a hug, when she got the good news.
I sat and watched. With my ticket back to Cali.
Feeling the rock city love.
And i knew in an instant; not everything’s gone bankrupt.
Then I fished around terminal A for a while, hunting for a crust of bread for under ten dollars.
Well, there are miracles. And then their are miracles.
At least water fountains are still free.