after all the candles shed their wicks and treats give in to tricks, after all the families tuck away the costumes, end of play, after lights out and halloween is set aside… then the true demons show, sanity takes flight… with ghosts over cobblestone they glide


Maze 2:13:3 Storytelling

Book Two
Daughter of Darkness Series
Chapter 13:3
In the last episode 2:13:2  Kell is nowhere to be found. Ame is trying to help Freddy get some tools and Bless is standing around smokin menthols and playing her entitlement card and making jabs at her. The streets are gettin on her nerves.

a dark (xxxx) visual

She lay in a bath of her blood

in her black blood-soaked dresses

against the shiny white

porcelain walls of the tub

her slit wrists turned in on her thighs

on her tights

her eyes open wide

to the light and the air

telling of darkest



“I could feel the fight going on, as we traversed the city streets. From one block to another. There was a great struggle underlying the flow of business and productivity which made up a typical day. Powerful waves of fear crashed up against waves of capitalist free market energies crashed up against the resilience and courage of those who had, and hoped, to survive it all. There was quite an honest intensity hovering over it all.” -K.

under believer

a chronic
a careless

a senseless
a swim down
a sewer

a bobbing of heads
a pricetag
an earlobe

a city of ink
a kitchen
a sink

a friend an
a smoke an
a drink an
a laugh an
a light an
a look on
a breath

a look on a light
in the

onna dream
onna spark
inna dark

Everlee & Lee (a dark fantasy)

Everlee & Lee (a dark fantasy)

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A short story and dark fiction by Katya, author of Girl Without Borders (2013, Amazon.com). A young brother and sister come together to makes sense of their terrifying circumstance, after the untimely death of their parents. Sinister Aunt Rose has a dark agenda, and vengeance in her heart. The apparition of their mother holds the light to the darkness that has enveloped Everlee and Lee, within the walls of their 19th-century Victorian house. Telepathy and telekinesis are two of the forces which come to play in this tale of survival. And a strange ritual which invokes an alternate reality, by way of digesting fruit growing off thick vines in the yard. This is a dark fantasy for all ages, a modern fairy tale, written in the author’s own compelling literary style.