there goes another hair tie
loss of elastics

the consequence
of human life



In a cybersentient world
eternal beings race
to find a way back
to human

Oddity #7

An eighth day was added to the week and Gregorian calendar, without approval of the Church. This allowed the populace a seventy-two hour yawn, aka ‘seventh day stretch’, before returning to the essential five day work week. And archived the general american angst.

The State Department Store sold the new issue calendar copy out of refurbished former Sears franchises, which offered ample square footage for safe houses and the novel Homeland Security and Exchange Commission.

The HSEC was setup as a critical watchdog to oversee and protect American interest overseas, now that shares of the United States, Incorporated, sold at a slight premium to its initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange.

The trillion plus dollars raised in this remarkable, unprecedented, scandalous public offering, spearheaded by the now defunct President Trump, Donald

(whose final veto of the critical congressional legislation set to block his party’s ‘Incorporation of the States’ initiative preceded his impeachment)

was now being issued toward the most unfortunate application of architectural mindtrust ever known to man, aka the blueprinting of a male counterpart to miss america herself, the Statue of Liberty.

The giant slab of poured concrete was already spiraling up out of the waters like a Dairy Queen soft ice cream cone, to house the new symbol of grand patriarchy ever alive and well.

Apollo, of course, was the model.
The Trump Tower affiliate, of course, had been jettisoned.

But plans to use the hollow carbon fiber globe situated firmly within Apollo’s head of reinforced steel, for home offices for the New Chairman of the Board and CEO of the United States, Inc.

(and not necessarily the President)

were subpoenaed by the Justice Department, and were now being relentlessly scrutinized by the tired eyes of the Attorney General, with the Supreme Court perched precariously over his shoulder, overlooking the whole sordid affair.

Meanwhile, an Pan-Euro-Middle-Asian Investment Cabinet of whose who, had been vetted atop the tallest edifice in Dubai, and was now casting its first votes under a mirrored ceiling, over pi

nk champagne on ice,  to determine what  would  really happen across the Atlantic.

Sitting at the head of this VIP table of leaded glass with platinum trim of inlaid pearl, was none other than the greatest surprise of the evening, most touching to all… the prime beneficiary of all global casino holdings and friend to all four seasons, fair women and men.

tween age emoticon

Ima tween age
Wearing hand me up
On my wristwatch laptop

Gotta date to comic
With my teenage
Eating grandmas

ima tween age
slush rush

dreamin xgame

color it. wild

Burrs in my shoelaces
Pollen in my hair
I saw a great blue heron
By the river there

I moved toward
In wonder

He unfolded
his wings
And flew


Shade a saturation
touch up from the

(Tremendous wingspan

In our cyberfrenzied age
Thank the merciful gods!
The heron

Still great
Still blue


10 gigabyte mass media marketing spam moved to trash. 3 gigabyte conscious resentments cleared.
5 gb subconscious resentments moved to conscious folder.

Neurotransmitter heads cleaned and test fired. Norepinephrine refills ordered @ lowest possible cost from Amazon.Chocolate bars and coffee sensors cleaned. Dopamine and serotonin fuel injectors reconstituted.

Domain recaptured from google adsense servers. Social media synapses tested. Transmissions bridged. Duplicates located and cleared.

Defragmentation of cerebral cortex initiated and underway.

Spycam rooted out of the oblongota. Film pulled and destroyed. Bots have been reprogrammed and repurposed to serve genuine self.

Evil malware hosts’ servers are now feeling pressure of unilateral relentless pinging. Seek and destroy mission launched under deep subsea intention toward ultimate pacific loving kindness.

Secret special core of seated love and selfless devotion has been refortified with additional firewalling and scrambling to prevent nsa or other evil corporate attempted hack & takeover.

Creative Commons and domain licenses refreshed. Copyrights renewed. Channel for payments to underlying starving artist has been dragged and cleared of bloodsucking leeches.

Coordination with Anonymous, EFF, Occupy Movements, Green parties, Punks, Poets, and all New Paradigm Players of global, interplanetary, intergalactic diversity.

Benevolence filters aerated. Self repurposed for optimal selflessness. Benefactors petitioned for monetary means or prayer. Sliding scales rebalanced.

Crown chakra successfully acupunctured. Grounding through base of spine to center earth. Readiness to kick ass.
All systems go!