to Vegas

out in the Mojave and halfway to Barstow

i was feeling mighty lonely

flirtin with the speed limit when

Loretta Lynn started singin 

her heart out 

i stopped for some coffee 

gave my phone to a pack of coyotes

then rolled my happy ass east 

carefree as a tumbleweed

headway into the sun


in America

in America

nobody thinks alike nobody 

feels the same all 

the time. this is diversity

not subversion

we have shared history 

not carbon copy

if you wanna force someone

to think like you

this country is not 

your home


notarize the thighs (no.7)

Oversaturated with char-broil
ranch sauce and carpet sales

how would we survive
if we rented out
our heads

come knocking
first of the month

they look at us incredulous
shaking out a hook
the jingle

pay up motherfucker
you live on our land

did you think
this was

the child

This post showcases my underlying feelings about being a child in America in the twenty-first century, which is equal parts horrifying and exhilarating…