@ the market

proprietors of fish

walk the stones in aprons

hagglin with grease pens rumblin

over flavor skin and locale. onlookers teeth

pull apart the connective tissue

unable to satisfy the hunger

they walk away

the amity of the vendors

not 100% lost to them


static pop

the more involved 

they was the harder 

2 disconnect. when tugged upon 

ina loving direction they

wires uncrossed 

the sparks

how they








thank you and i mean you

 © KatYa

i am nothing and though this belief
if announced to mom or dad or brother
or aunt or nephew or niece would
get a hurtful or dismissive response
i would imagine for i do not dare
tell them but

i am nothing and when i am nothing
and can feel all my atoms spacing
feel all the roominess in there and
wanna rent it out well

i am nothing what would i do with
money it just collects slowly in my
checking account which i do not
know exists until i swipe a card so
i can get something to eat or to read
or to feed my sprawling head

i am nothing again tonight and only
you only you only you may get it
when it leaves my lips and smile
and touch my clasped hands on the
table between us in the bar in the
library in between all the words we
dare to share

and smile and say
so what do you have for us today