ii cokes

i bought two cokes one for

me one for you. some lady came in and barked do you have this? 

do you have that? no we do not

people can be so demanding

a kid in the backseat of a car hung out his head along

with the dog in his arms both of them

smiling panting happy to be alive

some pop song driven twisted through the lot

drinking malt liquor on a saturday

afternoon. i’m sure thankful

it’s not me

may be nihilism

i am finding variations on life, between or within days. may be love i experience or pain. may be a cold environment follows the friendly calm of tonight. nestled in my domain listening to chimes and fans beneath the weight of interstellar nihilism.


the cat cries out for no reason and breaks my sleep. now I know between these temples. Coca-Cola. the red can got the better of me.

my systems shot like nerves were years ago. I cannot hide. never again.