the sun below ground at 4 o’clock

the sky could feel her

runnin in colors off a



some kids got sent back to aisle 5 at the safeway

tryin to buy single coronas off a



i was searchin for my simple honeybee

bear and asked around. we found each other

in lucky no.7


across the street turned up 8 ounces

coffee. hot and fierce. not a bad start

for a day


not a bad start at all

stay present and you can handle


do a few lines

i got going early. two hot mugs of coffee with hazelnut. shredded wheat. did a few lines of Hemingway. to have or have not. rather full of booze and game fish and racist, too. i got outta there quick. back to my own stuff. maybe less charged or controversial, but at least i’m not washed up and over. edits for an hour on the manuscript and up and hit the interstate in my ’04 GTI. the sun was burning hot and i got something to lose.