all the coffee in the world 

could not dislodge your personality

you needed someone to talk to about it but you did not want to

and so the world learned to live

with you


even steven

they don’t really know what they
are doing

forgot all the things you said
to help them understand

the sun will shine again
your honey will love you
through anything

and when you put on your uniform
and go to work

all will even out
like cream stirred into


nevada morning

24 floors up encircled by a mountain range
dipped in snow

i was looking down on the streets by

the old Cal Neva. drunks and construction workers

walking the streets. cold dawn

you were watching bad chad on the tele 
hunting junkyards for a contracted car

i stretched yawned tumbled on 

down to the lobby 4 my first cup of coffee

time to weld a chassis to this frame 

and get back in 

the game


upon waking. tuesday morning

tuesday morning

wake me with flashing pixelated light

blast me with heat from a gasoline engine

drop a single sugar donut into my belly

float me on a river of coffee 

black. let them play with words 

if they want 



the barista and i have a moment. Lavazza cafĂ©. hotel lobby. she can see i can see she’s not thrilled to be working over the holidays and i feel for her. all around us people are playing. a few of them winning a lot of them drinking some of them smoking. most of them losing. she asks me again. changes my heart on it. push the valve. soft top my mocha with whip


Vegas 12.26.2022

Vegas. 5am. i take the elevator 20 floors down to the lobby. slot machines. whoever on the last dime. an old man smoking a cigar. a young woman with a pained expression. a dog under her arm. pulling for 7 bars on 5 lines. the dog licks foam off the lid of her coffee.



you stole my heart 

but i am stubborn and do not stand for thieves

signaled by the wren’s song

with a final kiss i took my love

and left you 

waking up 500 miles away

all my belongings in my car 

drinking coffee 

falling for a sunrise 

wrapping my arms around



dead of morning

one forlorn morning

zombies closing in

central market was depleted 

the many filters black and wet

with grounds

the town ran dry of coffee

we the people cannot believe

throwing manuscripts out windows

we follow and retrieve



they awoke battered by terrors 

a humming heartbeat of a creature

by one eye vigilant of anything

moves speaks  

coffee before work

let the emotions run through the grinds

summoning any god to

get them through


zomby warhead

we all got a hundred problems 

and i got mine. zombie on the road

coffee seeking missiles capped with warhead aches

too early for the sun and so

we exist in darkness