cloud for sale. sags in the middle

what with all going on in the world i began to think it a rather scary place and even alexa or siri or the music i streamed could hardly make me feel less insecure about our fated obvious future. i asked google to tell me jokes and laughed for a diversion. then i bought this cloud online for a supposed great night sleep well it jumped out of the box and laid down. later that night it tossed me into my boyfriends arms which could have been seen as bringing us closer together. our insomnia kicked up and my boyfriend got up and left me lying in the center composing an ad. it read: cloud for sale. sags in the middle. 



o heavy cloud made of timber 

nuclear bloom over our 




careless affairs

breaking the 


the fire 

in my belly 

will not be subsumed

i offer these 



soda. pop

i got off soda
a real hard thing to do

pop life
latches on
like flu

i think all those bubbles
my brain

cause my mind’s
gone flat

paper heart’s got
3D printed
off the bubble

to you