My super sky blue kite hurled itself into the ground, stabbing the earth when the wind no longer had its back. Oh how it shuddered all over before falling flat on the ground. Only the skeleton held up at the cross. How nice when someone has your back, I thought, you can even touch the sky! For a spell but don’t count on it lasting. I pulled the string off of my toe and rolled it back onto the spool. My poor toe was ringed in red for a while where the wind had left its mark. All the blades of grass rubbed up against me, supposing they had a chance. A girl doesn’t take her ring off for nobody.

I got on the subway which could very well have been super the way it jumped up out of the earth at times before slanting down and diving back into the darkness. The halogen lights stayed flickering on all the time so we could read and see one another and maybe not be scared. There’s a difference between a commuting train and a roller coaster, unfortunately, and nobody much asks about your commute or if they do it’s only because they don’t what else to talk about and god forbid the silence. I imagined if there were no lights other than the sunlight, how all the cell phones and kindles would show underground and the people holding paperbacks and newspapers would all collective sigh and have to wait for a while, or god forbid meditate in the dark. What this Faux Froid culture of fear might do.

There was a man following me with his eyes and then his feet, as we stepped off onto the platform at Lil Bit’s stop. I had a feeling it wasn’t his stop unless it was mine. Just a feeling but you know how they’re always telling you to trust your intuition. I had a block to walk to get to her house, which was really just an apartment but nonetheless a home. I might only have to wait for her to answer the door. I tried to calculate in my mind the number of seconds I would need to escape the grasping arms of the man, so I would know exactly how fast to walk.

I sure hope Lil Bit’s not flossing her teeth when I get there. She can be a real perfectionist about her teeth, you know.  — Read the whole story: HERE

when wishes went away

What i
wished 4
went away
not without a reach
a chase the
beach i reached
i raced

i cast far up and down
pacific highway coast
out blurred and rocky

to sea
it went
along that maladjusted spine
of shore

i was left
feeling lost
in heavy
of undertow

sweet bliss
into shore

fuck off
  fuck offf
     fuck offff 

lashing myself to friends
like tears
away from eyes
i pushed

i did not care
to see them or me or
what life was

what was life, really?
without what i so wished
i so demanded
     to be

i gave away
my things
to storage wars
for peace

she proved elusive
she ran
the park
off leash

i chased her up a tree
i would not let her be i
would not let it
not yet
it had to can’t you see?
not yet you see i…

see i
auctioned off
my faith
to educated whores
who bid me down
to earth
the ground
was barren

i knelt i turned pockets out for
seeds from Faulkners yard my
drunken pilgrimage

i gathered them with whisky
down beneath a tree in ninety-seven or was it nine?


i found the magic
seeds i did! but
ground was frozen
solid so i fell and
hit my head

like Faulkner
from his horse

a sinkhole opened wide
where my blood once
seven? ninety-nine or
was it?

my family
just a photograph
my life