fleeting love

one bloody second

in love 

paled  the bluest




blue periods long

after writing

blue periods before 


blue periods when 

unable to locate

the words


star free remix

i am star free i am
overcast sky

all the bad habits i
traded them in 4 something more predictable
something more certain


i blackened Hollywoods
digital rolling
eyeyou are blue you are chaos

you remind me of my old self   
gripping hearts between  


no longer unmoored 

i am star free cloud-based

i am grateful
i shot myself out of
the sky


seattle revisited


wide awake eyes 

blue eyeliner jumping like a heartbeat

the blonde valet 

the architecture lopes to the water’s edge 

in this uphill town

time for café au lait

feels like rain again the ships

they head to sea


play 2 win

goth girl 

off work 

threw her apron in the bin 

hit the bodega

voted blue

a dream play to win


reading #222


swim in blue

i finally used the key to open the gate and let myself in. summer was over and i was thankful. i set the water in motion, immersing myself complete. what a sensation. i left it alone and a trail of dripping wet. above and looking down from where i hung my clothes, i noticed the light show. a translation of my form. a liquid print. what was left of my rhythm. illuminated by the sun in blue. something understood me.

beset by beauty

blue periods I have had

in life


the clearings

the most unlikely places

beset by beauty


the shared memory

gather it in your arms


hold it to your heart

tell the story

if you can

blue 2

she was not sad. she hid in the mountainside when the rains came hard like tropical noon. once tranquil she was now and then a monsoon. downcast from time to time. rivers caught the swollen tears of fortune. she irrigates our lands. so to feed our children. for to carry on and on and on

÷÷ the blue lady ÷÷

she may have been depressed but she was not sad she hid in the mountainside when the rains came hard like tropical noon. she once was tranquil now a monsoon. the blue lady was downcast from time to time and only we were lucky to catch her swollen tears in our banks. we irrigate our lands and feed our children for to carry on and on and on and on…

÷÷÷this post was inspired by the painting the blue lady by Tameeka Knox, an artist from Sacramento.÷÷÷