star one

star one

aglow after starlight receded

the others

having over spun


the star speed


star one

stayed true

made light

4 a little 





Orion and I was tryin to love you but it was hard. We cannot always be sure of ourselves in every way, and when I broke out (in anger) the words hurling and curling their way lugubrious in the chill of autumn air,  and you there; I seemed unable to stop myself so righteous and defiant for a five minute drive home from dinner.  God it was the worst of me. Of course I took to rest by the sounds of postseason baseball curious to the darker mood. I wanted the electricity back. But we all sometimes short circuit. I woke with an apology on my lips and typed it into a text. You were calling, calling me, but in these early hours of the morning on my free days the only one i talk to is in my slippers out on the back porch with the long hooded sweater woven black and white around me staring up to the heavens missing the moon, I mean Orion.

blood moon. 15

all the sunsets

of our world

upon our moon

dye around the edges

our blood

the day suffering died

the day suffering died

Her eyes reflected Mercury
the sun
not far away

Through branches
they saw
by the reflection

suffering was

time for endless

K reads ‘ Suns # 1,2,3

Original poetry written and performed
by Katya Mills, 2014
all rights reserved