god is an artist

the commission has no deadline

drawing us in 

and out

brushing over us all

with fresh




the age the artist died

by 28 was sitting with all the others who 

having breakfast after the last



fade into culture

campbell’s soup cans tagged on subway cars descend into giant holes in the earth. it gets dark. we pick up speed. ✨️ the sound of steel on steel is amplified by the concrete coated walls. an artist absorbs every sense of it. a product comes into being. to be sold. sold. sold. my hair turns white like warhol. 🙃 when we come into the light i have my mysteries inside my heart. you will have to kill me.



all the cakes and pies

gumballs turned out the machines

bouncing off kitchen floors

produced the precise sugar rush

required to render the masterpieces

san francisco streets

the geometry of farms and

orchards touched by sunlight

divided by river within

the delta


go where no one has been

we are pressured in many ways in this life. we live in an atmosphere rims around the world. the condensation builds up by the heat, the clouds form and the rains come. the pressure and heat build up some more. how do you respond? you don’t have to be intimidated! go ahead and rocket across the boundary. go where no one has ever been before. laugh out loud! the way you interact with your environment, your community, your greater family and yourself, is unique in time and space. keep the faith! we need you!

reading #115


reading #114


creative confidence

can be elusive. good thing is you (the artist) will know when you have it. all the rules they ever taught you, muted. taking risks does not feel so scary. nobody knows what you are doing more than you.    the work is mutable not sacred. you can see the whole thing moving through the smallest fragment. it is alive and tugs at your pulses.


GWB 1.18.2 a videobook

acrylic. fifteen

acrylic made 4 good makeup
girl when hung on a wall
and bludgeoned by praises

– K ❤