projections of a long lost high 5

begotten children descend

planted according to trend

dropped like fashion

and spirited away

taken from vision with

binary ocular precision

Made In America!

by decree by


you try to defragment you

hope for some clarity then

comes trouble. another

greenish colored bubble

eating bacteria to survive

projections of a long lost

heartfelt high


living off lip service the echelons

make hay. they

promise to play out tomorrows


robbed of nutrients you forgot

who you are. exercise occurs between

edifice and car

doing the laundry

you cycle back to humble

removing the factory tag

carry the sadness ina brown

paper bag




remix 2010

2010 tangible truismic

sometimes we are the half of life

jaw floored variety of bored like a


72 rpmsĀ back to back to back

well-placed commencement at the very end of some


got there with your body and realize back there

somewhere your spine fell out

drinking wine until you pass outĀ flopped around ina

sorry omega-threesome like a caterpillar hanging out



you check your gps for self-locus flower

stop accepting all substitutes-imposters-splenda-and-cancelled-checks

go long and selfless beyond the ego panic attacks

get the train back on track and loosen all ties. free the suspension

beyond the words so trite and truismic

here and now we conjure ourselves in flashes again and again

until we reach some static in the attic

we need not be cardboard we are

solid tangible statuesque ennui
from the archive
remix 2010