bronzed with nails of gold

sick of waiting on hold 

she threw her hair back 

gotta jump on her ’89 Peugeot 

to Dallas. intercepting lines with a decadent hum

intermittence of back lit squares

mascara and eyeliner bold

tired of waiting on hold

triumphant she got in on the other

side and out of the cold


2021 royal

royal in a dollar store 

sucking the life out a green apple 

lollipop coupled with angst

the dyed hair the 

cell phone stare the resignation 

of the throne. the press stalks

with bloody mary



they spirit so affluent 

the gold diggers counted 

they ghosts


upcycled blue no.2

oh pomegranate 

swollen on the bush dangling

illogical participle

seeds afire like jelly like

wax they almost picked us off 

decisively you stood up

and out like embers like 

fireflies like rain in a spotlight 

modify you modify for days 

and days and



like colors we run

we dodged the skin of palms

morning after the storm we

never made it to work. like

strays in the park like 

colors like dreams 

they cannot hold us 

we run free     



the heart finally spoke out

like cinema ina condemned theatre

tape rolling through a bell howell

projector dug from an archive. the heart

finally spoke out the light

cast upon the wall

bringing the past to life for

the heart never dies


you cannot care too much

i got keyed up

tearful unable to speak

reflecting what you told me

had happened 

they called me overinvolved they

said i lost perspective

they wanted to pull the case

out from under me. i

fought back 2 show it only

makes me work harder

to help



california. 4am

coffee rims the paper
six months searching the sky

headlights found rain
i turned down the radio

march of death by tally i

raised the windows 2 inhale

the breath of life


we were young we were trouble they

knew us by our answering machine

messages we set fires in their faux




when the storms of life strike the 

rains the heavy winds we bundle up

and hunker down. i was spinning classics 

for days calling out with the chorus

like forty years ago was only