are when you are you

are not when

you are 



deep cut no.2

life like 

a switchblade 

it can be used 

against you



today god today 

may we have

the guts to tell

the truth


the dreamer

inside the dream the

dreamer searched 4 coffee

searched 4


u should c

 all the darkness 

when the light 




stalled out broke
down the middle
of the road you
got the worst
and best of humanity all
in under sixty



a tuna sub
a paperback
a drawn tub
a little
what more
can one
life is super!


Day old adherents

keep pressing and pressing
free press makes a difference
but truth falls again
to the floor

nothing sticks
in a day. a month
not even a year

your expressions are painted
to resemble the real
the artwork’s on sale again
imitating a steal

unless you step out of your comfort
and into your twilight zone you
cannot be credible and
that’s how i feel

find out what you care most about
what you believe in
and share

at the end of every night
lie down with your work
to wake up with it

the cards are the same
they get dealt and
we deal

we suffer. we feel
that’s how real gets to real

make friends with your fear
have tea with anxiety
have courage to say what you believe

let your island of opinions
into the weave


the last episode of the last season pulled
all the feelings
outta me

god it felt good

katya. 2016


The world drank in a cross-sectioned bit of her life

it was springtime then
the orange crush

all the birds had something
to say

you picked out
the thrush

a million variations
on green

and everyone in
a rush