the best

my brother

it pains me

divides us

the way i see you do not see 

the world

i turn up the Smiths

to stop my heart

my heart 

from hurting

take my will take

my life 

all i

all i know is 

my brother

you’re the



if i could only love you

for the way you look at life

look over your shoulder

follow your arm

open my eyes 

and declare yes!

yes! i see what

you see i love what

you love!

would i lie to you?

my brother

no. but i 


i can love you

love i can


next book?

i’ve been considering my next project. my next book. i’m excited to say i unearthed a treasure of archive material on my drive, files some of which i previously had trouble converting, hundreds of pages of autobiographical material dating back to my twenties and early thirties, and all the adventures i had. life was going off the rails but it sure was entertaining. lots of stories and characters i otherwise would have forgotten. i’m excited to either remix it into fiction or semi-fiction. i could publish it as straight autobiography but it’s so much fun stirring it up and remixing. this has become my niche period, 1990-2010, and i hope to approach it from a completely different space.


i discover the earthquake

37 miles out of Tonopah

Nevada by the water

rippling in the pool

200 miles away!

cats screaming bloody murder

behind this apartment building

put the coffee on

it’s friday anything could happen

save the kid surrender yourself

to a riptide

it can be beautiful


what a commotion 

as we roll into

the weekend