Up from the DownTrodden

Book synopsis: Divided into quintets, Up from the Downtrodden offers the possibility of hope to anyone feeling hopeless in the world today. The poems within, culled from a period of inspiration and resurgence after more than a decade of hopeless struggling and despair, honor both the darkness and the light. There is a chance, when the two are integrated, to turn what is bitter in life, sweet.

‘heavy metals’

staring at the wall again
they turned up the volume

zero calorie heavy
metals to defend against they

Get your copy here: https://www.amazon.com/Up-Downtrodden-Katya-Mills/dp/B09T66LP1G

3 responses to “Up from the DownTrodden

  1. Hi, Katya:

    Congratulations on your new book. I’m enclosing one of the Snowflakes in a Blizzard forms in case you’d like to go that route. Also, I’ve attached the preface of a book I’m working on.

    Good luck with your project.


    Darrell Laurant


    THE BOOK: Just the title.


    THE AUTHOR: Just your name.

    THE EDITOR: If appropriate. I like the idea of giving editors some credit.

    THE PUBLISHER: Name of the publisher and, if you want, some info about them.

    SUMMARY: A few basic paragraphs about the book, touching on its general theme, subject and other basics.

    THE BACK STORY: Why did you decide to write it? How long did it take to write? Whatever you think might be of interest.

    WHY THIS TITLE?: If it’s self evident (“The Life and Times of Bill Gates”), we’ll just skip that. But sometimes there’s an interesting story behind a title.

    WHY WOULD SOMEONE WANT TO READ IT? What makes your book unique, and what niche audiences might it reach?

    REVIEW COMMENTS: Maybe three if you’ve got them, four tops.

    AUTHOR PROFILE: I’d like something more than just a writing resume (although I’d be happy to include links to your previous books). If visitors to the blog feel like they know you a little as a person, they will be more likely to buy your book (at least, that’s the theory)

    AUTHOR COMMENTS: Here’s where you can perhaps tie your book to some larger issue, or what you hoped to accomplish.

    SAMPLE: You can cut and paste on the template or refer readers to your Amazon page.


    WHERE ELSE TO BUY IT: Amazon, Barnes & noble, etc.


    CONTACT THE AUTHOR: I think it’s very important to open the door to writer/reader interaction. You could post your e-mail address, Facebook page, or Twitter handle, or all of the above.


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