blanco y

grew up white ina world 

where nobody hurt you like 

you hurt yourself where if you

got any color and spirit you 

got beat down now how can it be 

any wonder in the world 

today white is unpopular 

distrusted despised? 


lover girl boy

she choreographed the words

by heart channeled to the lips
conducted by the tongue she
wanted him he wanted
her. the earth shook the
ground beneath cut up into zigzags they
held their ground they
held hands across the divide
and made the world


re.set deux

abandoned they car by golden
arches campers panhandlers
broke up a field of mustard they
kept a journal and the basics
nothing much. feckless wasted burnt
off they last sawbuck on god knows
what. chin up. dodgin reality
the life of the broke woke

and idle