you stole the show you thief

Remember when you stole the show? We didn’t feel robbed at all by the time we were done yelling after you — tired, we sat down, laying our arms out over the armchairs — for you invited us backstage for your theatrical tea party, dressed us up in careless costume, sent us out with cups to a kettle whistle, and shot us full of Constant Comment. Orange Pekoe was precise and pulled the folds out of the curtain. See how health can falter? Lock you into a death spiral, and all whatever fabric of your life as was falls off, and you are left naked, spinning towards the end? Just enough time to wave goodbye. Something quite amazing will happen when you leave your body behind. They all think you have gone but I know different, I have you to myself over here; you give me that feeling again and again, after dinner while sucking on thin mints and Charleston Chews, listening casually to an echo of you.

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