navel label quattrõ

navel (touching) label #4

The fabric of life
a dust-colored thread

i will now hug you
so hard (your hat falls off)
while tickling the
backs of your

archived emails with
comet tails (uncomfortably)
we watch them

entire social contexts
gone awry
the way you know i know ya
is textured like granola

and guns
and sons
of guns

cannot unravel
what we’ve come to love
about (our fair maiden)
weave city

sewn back together the
ends of days and
carefully self-placed in bed

head at the foot
foot at the head

eye of needle sees
the thread and
closes ranks

send in the dreams the
fortified milk the
hormone replacements
the fortified tanks

I might pull too quickly away
vacuuming the room to
do the dishes

do the dishes dreamer
do the dishes

the track switcher the track
switches having seen your face
in my reflection

god i love to dream
with you about you of the tail end
of dreams where we

your lips on my earlobe
untying the knots of a world
without touch

the blush of a crush
on the plush

mile high pile
the dust-colored fabric
of life

too fuckin’ bad to be
without a studio

you coulda
got it all

2 responses to “navel label quattrõ

  1. Wow. Do you remember how these words came to you? Sometimes words come to me and if i don’t write them down quickly, they are gone, like some simple sentence that sums things up perfectly. by the time i can find a page to write on sometimes it’s gone, other people have spoke about this. my favorite was Tom waits. He was driving in 6 lanes of traffic and a song comes into his head, not now he cursed, don’t you know I’m driving.
    I think about like this.
    The muse, To briefly feel her touch
    To grasp, elusive if to try
    Wonderful when a visit
    If only evanescent
    It’s utterly pleasant
    Thankyou for your sharing Katya Mills 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was just reading bout how nick caves son died and he kept on going creatively through the pain and ‘for revenge’ he says (against death?). Yup u never know when it comes but surely pain informs it often. Probably the words i wrote were related to my pain a few years back. Thanks Paul


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