navel label uno

navel label (cut off the orange) #1

  I found myself in a jam… reluctant to change. I was grown on common kinda ground and walked the city streets with the disheartened and lost like myself. I knew who they were. I saw them reaching for the same jars in the same grocery outlets. We held the same posture and fears and blood pressure.

I found myself in a jam. Halfway through my peanut butter sandwich. But I saw no end to the torment. We fight and we try. And why? My mood, my status and my affect –my sense of myself in this chair
this room
this house
this hood
this town
this city
this country
this world

this universe
the emptiness
Better off senseless sometimes

I have felt so foolish
my reputation fallen
My spirit lost and out there somewhere lookin’ for you
Callin’ and callin’


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