wip. with loving kindness

Strategy… (reimmersion campaign)

1 – get head out of fog  (yes. established) deeper sleep renews!
2 – attend to physical  (ongoing)
3 – re-reading David Copperfield. learning from Dickens style (ongoing)
4 – sit my ass at desk at home  (fail fail fail!)
5 – consider rearranging furniture. laptop on couch. switch rooms (last resort)
6 – attend to spirit (ongoing)
7 – prayer. journaling. sunshine. caring (move toward causes)
8 – channel switching (yes. more guitar. running. cycling. walks)
9 – minimize netflix (body at rest)
10 – maximize housekeeping (body in motion)
11 – memory (what you do that makes you feel good)
12 – attending to needs vs desires (self-discipline)
13 – work = freedom (purpose)
14 – coffee (is my drug) in moderation
15 – mindfulness. slow but certain

Goal to complete and publication
reality: June / July 2016

Nothing is possible without
attitude of loving kindness

4 responses to “wip. with loving kindness

    • I cannot always say what it is i learn from any writer… In this case i know its about dialogue and also character descriptions. For instance, he describes one character as ‘all nose’ but there’s a quick way he helps you visualize it. And 3rd, im learning about how 2 move characters more quickly thru space, i think.


    • I dont think trying 2 copy a style is a good idea 4 me but it wouldnt hurt. Today i wouldnt have an interest. Its useful 4 new writers and was for me. I do get influenced and inspired and challenged. And learn tricks just by reading!


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