Grand Theft Life (Daughter of Darkness, # 1)
by Katya Mills (Goodreads Author)


Jo Sorrell‘s review

Jan 07, 16
really liked it

bookshelves: 2016

Read from January 03, 2015 to January 07, 2016

This book is incredible. The writing style is like nothing I have ever read. It is extremely intellectual and creative.

Her name is Ame; she’s fast, adopted, weird, loved by her parents and a delinquent. Ame knows she’s unusual. Afterall, she has voices in her head that talk to her. Not like a conscience; her head voices are real. One day Ame is suddenly abducted from her home to the underworld. Through this, she enters present day Oakland, California. She joins a diverse group of folks with extraordinary capabilities. While Ame is certainly fearful, she enjoys the mysterious and wonderful experienced. Where, she once felt like an outcast, she is now feels embraced by her new friends. She soon forms a bond with Freddy, the one who kidnapped her to bring her home. Here is where she meets a tall, abrasive girl and finds a sister in Bless. They befriend a young punk with a skateboard and a serious love of ice cream sandwiches. Her new friends and associations nurture her and she feels a co dependency for once in her life. Together they roam the streets, encountering humans and spirits. “The alchemy is in her blood.”


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