society come to polish off the self

I need complete silence for as many hours of every day and as many minutes of every hour and as many seconds of every minute as I can get. There are big ideas circulating which will otherwise be lost to dark matter, casualties of the smart phone alert system. And if comprehension of these ideas are lost, I will be lost with them. Society has decided communal is the only way, at the expense of any self. Myself, yourself. Society has declared the individual no longer to be trusted, no longer significant. Society has come to the internet to polish off the self. There is a war being waged for control over the web, a war of individuals demanding free expression against the ever matriculating constituents of the giant dark formless blob. Hold on to your hats!

6 responses to “society come to polish off the self

  1. well there is no doubt in my mind that there is competition between self and society. to me its like the Tao .. neither shall ever win. different people favor one over the other … and the same persons favor differently at different times and in different contexts. but that is just me. some people hate society … i know … i grew up in a culture which totally favors self … society being relegated primarily to illusion. this ball bounces more strangely than i think most people realize.

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  2. I need to live a lot of time in the spaces. My ideal friendship would be with someone who would do with me, who would go and shop or movie or hang out, but would also just BE with me so that we could sit in a room and each do our own thing and you could goddamn BE with somebody without having to stop listening to your muse. There would be this comfort see, they would feel your vibe and you would feel theirs and it would be nice that they were there and it wouldn’t interfere because you would know that they wouldn’t have to interrupt you unless it was right, and it wouldn’t be right every ten seconds, see?

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