live a better life (a video)


2 responses to “live a better life (a video)

  1. not quite sure what your intentions were when you made this vid …but i did get something out of the listening to it ….it is a good feel factor vid .. could even be looked at as a poem? was this your intention? ..i know that a lot of modern day poets talk as opposed to write ..there poetry ..and it does take on a talk mood fashion …i like these vids you make need to keep making them …thank you.


    • hi Ken, it’s a very good question. i have only been doing videos for a couple of years now, so it is a new and exciting medium, fresh for me still. i like to occasionally step outside the spoken word and experiment. i like to try improvisation. freethinking and speaking. i think it’s important for it conveys in a less inhibited way, my personality and spirit. method. eye contact. something behind the words is released. usually the intention i set behind the improvisational videos like this one, is very simply ‘to be helpful not hurtful’.


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