Guest blogger: Katya Mills On Mood Manufacturing

A guest blog I did for Jen Winters …

Jen Winters is an Indie Author

KatyaI am a mood perfectionist, which has put me into business in mood manufacturing. Yes, it is a confession. I cannot often just sit down and write, and not worry about setting my mood just so. I grew up in the eighties, and my parents bought me an original Mac Plus for school. This computer was the coolest. I taught myself how to type. I realized I could open a Word document and stare at a white screen. The ‘tabula rasa’: Latin for ‘blank slate’. Which is what every artist faces, almost every day. I remember staring at the screen and feeling something in my heart which yearned to be expressed, but how to put that in words? The little cursor was blinking, just counting the seconds, endlessly waiting for me.

Self-publishing today is a luxury, just as computers were luxurious back then. My appreciation of both comes from having…

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One response to “Guest blogger: Katya Mills On Mood Manufacturing

  1. Blessed Be Katya, my Beautiful Blessed Beloved Sister…As far as I am concerned, everything you Write, is Good! I Love this Photo of You, for it shows you as a Person, Woman & Spirit, of which You are Beautiful, in Each Individually & as One!

    I Give You Much Love, HEART to HEART Healing Love & Prayers, Many Blessings, Long Tight Loving Healing Warm Hugssssss & Kissessssss


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