Last night

i almost met my maker last night at the mercy of the mind of a lunatic, in flight. Or just plain mindless. Or selfish, impatient, impudent, or blind. Or had bad timing. In an absolutely unforgivable way.

I did not stay to find out. Lacking the ability to forgive, as I was.

I was fresh out that place unseen and unforeseeable, where life and death overlap. Where glistens the oil upon the rod ’round which the serpent coils. With intent to kill.

Yeah. Could have been my immediate end. Unlike the beginning. Much less predictable.

I just rode headlong into the flank of her white whale, on my black bike. The side paneling of an SUV against flesh is quite responsive, I am here to say.

Now I can be here to love words some more, and kind people I can be kind to, in kind. I am here to continue doing what needs be done, directly. Here to love men who love women who love women and men who love men who love women.

And kids too. And dogs and cats and feather pillows. And family. Sunrises and sets. And the imminence of things almost not yet.

The imminence of things almost not yet.

The imminence of things.


Not yet.

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