Notes on Process

Notes on writing process. November 1-2.  

Woke up around dawn. Kittens chewing on toes. NPR on the alarm clock. The pressure to write so many words per day (1,700) is helpful. Providing tension in the line. I am writing on my couch, on my chromebook. Keeping good posture. Wearing boots and jeans. Posture and dress are very important. Some days I may write at the desk, but not today. I am using google docs. I can be online with my document in exactly 10 seconds. No need to deal with Windows updates or booting Word or antivirus software alerts, on Chromebook. Also, G.Docs saves changes as you go, on the cloud, moment to moment. I am writing in complete silence. I just had the window open and turned on a fan. Sometimes I will write with Pandora, not now. I need zero distraction so I can focus. I am starting a novel. Much different than with flash pieces or poetry or blog posts. I wrote 1,000 words in the morning. Day # one. Took me two hours, because I edit as I go. Not always, but usually. I am sure I will get into a zone at some point, and at those times I will write out the zone and it will be obvious I need to keep writing! But when I am not in a zone, I will just naturally edit as I go along. I wrote another 600 words before I went to bed. I was really happy about the start. I read my first day’s work to a friend today. Reading it aloud is a critical part of my process. I always catch lines that sound unnatural. And I did. My friend was laughing when I was done. I asked why? He said he thought I was talented. I smiled. I thought maybe the story sounded funny or implausible to him. After all, it has fantasy elements mixed with semi-autobiographical characters mixed with fictional plot lines. Anyway, whether he liked it or not, I am relieved. I feel it was a great start to a difficult project I may not pull off in 30 days. But whatever happens, I am gonna enjoy each and every day writing. Today I am about 400 words in. I got lost in a bookstore a few miles from home, all morning long. Reading a history book with images, about ghost towns in the western usa and canada. Then I was checking out the Virgin Suicides. And Herman Hesse. And Anne Rice. I may not read too much this month, because I need to stay grounded in my own style. But here and there, a little inspiration never hurts. I have a lot of confidence right now. This is not always the case. I have a lot of heavy emotions that surge up, day to day, in dealing with the world I live in. But what’s new? I am sure to get a good session in this evening. I am well rested. I have faith in myself and the process. Image

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