Paperback versus Ebook

Paperback is old school, gotta give it props.

Ebooks are the wave. The latest thing. Kids wouldn’t read your dusty old dirty paperback.

Paperbacks got a spine.

Ebooks scroll smooth like butter.

Paperbacks don’t need e-readers. They’re organic. Whole.

Ebooks don’t carry germs.

Paperbacks are trees and feel nice to hold.

Ebooks save trees, dude.

Paperbacks are recyclable, man.

Ebooks don’t need bookmarks or dirty old dog ears.

Paperbacks can be marked the f**k up!

Ebooks can be highlighted just the same.

Paperbacks smell nice.

Paperbacks smell like dirt.

Ebooks are another example of culture, bleached of character.

Kids would only watch videos, if it weren’t for ebooks.

Paperbacks play second fiddle to hardcovers.

Oh ya? Ebooks are gonna put libraries out of business…

What’s a library?

How does a kindle work?

Where can I find a mom & pop bookstore?

Can ebooks really help you remember whose who, in a storyline?

Dude, is is true a paperback and a match can save your life,

if you get lost

in the woods, in the middle of the winter?

Hey man, can I really find indy authors’ work

for free on ebooks?





Can I borrow your kindle for a sec?

I’ll give it to you for that beat up old

copy of Dostoyevsky

you got in your hand…



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