people work better when driven (insane) -x)

The queen of dark matter and star-sucking, star-spitting violence, expelling religion, power, politics, and compelling economies the color green… the Queen she boomeranged (not jettisoned) 2 deepspace twelve (and back) all zipfile collected archives of recycled history which then, upon extreme impact re-entrance, froze the atmospheric firewall in what she described as: glorious triple-threat, back burnout, recedivist fashion… In service to her brilliant, proper planetary alignment initiative by which security fix satellites could have full access 2 the hard universal drive and its partitions… In retrospect, good people of planet earth survived another virtual day, though infected telelobotomized heads had to be exploded to kill the virus replicating adware into universal cellstreams twenty-four seven if not greater frequencies (now possible)…At the funerals, loved ones often wept, but the most plugged in of mothers knew and sometimes podcast to the mourners that their child died 4 a good cause… Most had grieved the loss already, many years back, when television first apprehended  their children… the royally decreed experiment carried interest where many asses had been kicked: 2 the never ends of the earth… we will be all right the sky said to the ground, or we  will not, the ground whispered to the grass, overheard by all the gossiper weeds standing at the ready, who, by and by, began to sway side to side with worry (not unlike their human counterparts) beside the creeper vines flat with indifference…the whole ecosystem seemed to take it all, the wrong way, too.

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